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Pope Press Olympia is a Letterpress and Book Arts studio in Olympia, Washington.
We currently offer classes and workshops with local artists, press rentals and open studio hours.
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Elspeth Pope

In the winter of 2013, I met and started volunteering for Dr. Elspeth Pope. She was a retired professor of Library Science. She had started a women’s artist residency, Hypatia-in-the-Woods, on her property on Hammersley inlet in Shelton, Washington. Elspeth was a long time hobby printer, with a printing press in her basement. She quickly became a dear friend and mentor to me. Elspeth’s vision was for people to come learn letterpress and print on her equipment. She passed on May 18th of 2013 and i wish to carry out her dream. By opening Pope Press, we are able to honor Elspeth’s vision and expand on it by offering print residencies to writers and letterpress enthusiasts, as well as classes and workshops.

Pope Press offers a space for artists, writers, letterpress enthusiasts, anyone interested in expanding their creative outlets, or those wanting to satisfy their letterpress curiosity to come and explore the art of letterpress and bookmaking. We offer classes in how to operate the presses; explore and experiment with pressure printing; business and calling card design and printing; linoleum block carving; printing limited edition artist books; teaching different techniques in bookbinding; and more. We also offer print residencies at various times during the year.

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